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Mimsbrook Biodynamic/Organic Food Store provides online shopping and a market at our Darling Downs farm for the residents of Perth, Western Australia, to purchase quality biodynamic/organic fruit, vegetables, milk, dry goods and meat that are grown and farmed without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.

You can access a large box of seasonal, fresh, certified biodynamic/organic produce that will easily feed a family of four for as little as $60 per week. We even have box options for couples starting from just $47 per week.

If you and your family are concerned about what goes into your food, where it's grown and who benefits when you purchase it, being connected to certified biodynamic/organic farming will guarantee your peace of mind.

Wouldn't it be great if each week you could buy fresh certified biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetables that are grown and harvested by a farmer you know? It can happen through Community Supported Agriculture.

Mimsbrook aims to provide consumers with affordable certified biodynamic/organic food that supports local farmers and keeps our community healthy.

There are two options for ordering food from Mimsbrook:

biodynamic dairy in western australia

You can order your box right now from this website or you can place online orders for different fruit, vegetables, meat and other groceries.

When you purchase from Mimsbrook, you'll know you will be eating clean, healthy, certified biodynamic/organic produce and supporting the local community at the same time.

Biodynamic and organic
fruit and vegetables

Mimsbrook Farm is a bed and breakfast farmlet in Darling Downs near the Perth southern suburb of Armadale.

Fresh certified biodynamic fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested on the farm each week. Several popular types of organic food and biodynamic meat are supplied fresh from other participating farms.

Purchase and pick-up times are as follows:

  • From the farm on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm at the Mimsbrook Farm Markets. For a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, all internet pre-orders should be submitted from this website by 8pm on Tuesdays.

For enquiries regarding grocery deliveries or for further information about volunteering, please send us an email.

Our farm is at:

65 Keenan Street
Darling Downs

(near Armadale... see map)

Western Australia 6122

Phone (61 8) 9497 1412
Fax (61 8) 9497 1582

Email Carmel Bainbridge

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