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About the Mimsbrook Biodynamic
and Organic Food Store

The Mimsbrook Biodynamic/Organic Food Store is a family business in Perth, Western Australia, operated by Carmel Bainbridge and her son Steven Bradtke, both of whom have been committed to certified biodynamic agriculture since 1995.

Biodynamic / organic food
that doesn't cost the earth

Why did we choose to "go the extra mile" and become biodynamic farmers?

Because I, Carmel Bainbridge, experienced a wake-up call in 1990 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

oranic food To get well after surgery and radiotherarpy, good nutrition stokes the fires within.

We all need the freshest and purest vital foods we can find, free from artificial chemicals and pesticides.

Certified biodynamic/organic products taste better and have the natural vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum good health.

Your good health is the key to a happy life.

I purchased Mimsbrook Farm in 1993 and immediately began using certified biodynamic agriculture on the five hectares of farmland to grow biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetables.

There has been a shortage of convenient biodynamic/organic food stores for people living near the Perth southern suburb of Armadale in Western Australia.

Mimsbrook Farm now fills that void by growing biodynamic fruit and vegetables and providing a biodynamic/organic food store at Mimsbrook Farm Market on Tuesdays and Fridays (open 9am to 1pm).

For enquiries regarding grocery deliveries or for further information about volunteering, please send us an email.

For supplies of fresh biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetables, our farm is at:

65 Keenan Street
Darling Downs

(near Armadale... see map)

Western Australia 6122

Phone (61 8) 9497 1412
Fax (61 8) 9497 1582

Email Carmel Bainbridge

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