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What is biodynamic certification?

All biodynamic fruit and vegetables which have been grown at Mimsbrook Farm are certified as Grade A DEMETER.

Mimsbrook Farm is a proud supporter of Community Supported Agriculture because it supports you, the consumer.

Largely due to consumer awareness, the word "biodynamic" is becoming more widely used.

The desire for more knowledge and greater understanding is continually on the rise, as is demand for certified biodynamic produce.

No certified DEMETER biodynamic produce would be available if not for the commitment of many farmers and the work of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA).

Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced in Australia for more than 35 years.

The BDAAA was founded in the mid 1950s and was led by Alex Podolinsky, whose work and experience in biodynamics is acknowledged worldwide.

The BDAAA is concerned with the redemption and enlivening of dead soils, and with the training of farmers. All members are professional farmers.

The essential requirement for use of the DEMETER trademark is that plants are fed naturally.

In other words, the soils must have enhanced biological activity determined by the humus level, crumb and root structure.

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This ensures that plants are fed through the soil ecosystem and not primarily via soluble salts in the water derived from artificial fertilisers and raw animal manure.

Plants grown in this way are therefore under nothing but the influence of the warmth and light of the sun, and may selectively acquire the nutrients they need for growth.

Biodynamic fruit and vegetables
that don't cost the earth

There are two grades of DEMETER produce.

Grade A is for farms fully converted to biodynamics with considerable biodynamic development of soil and plants. No artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals are used.

Grade B is for farms in conversion to biodynamics.

The DEMETER trademark has been registered in Australia since 1967 by the Biodynamic Research Institute.

It has been used in Australia since 1953 to symbolise quality produce grown using the biodynamic agricultural method.

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If you would like to volunteer to help us in on our CSA enterprise, please
send us an email.

We welcome volunteers with a range of skills to work in our office or farm.

For supplies of fresh biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetables, our farm is at:

65 Keenan Street
Darling Downs

(near Armadale... see map)

Western Australia 6122

Phone (61 8) 9497 1412
Fax (61 8) 9497 1582

Email Carmel Bainbridge

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