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Community Supported Agriculture:
share in the harvest

When you participate in the Mimsbrook CSA box scheme you will not only enjoy the freshest organic and biodynamic produce straight from certified farms but you will also directly support the farmers who grow it.

Like farmer markets, Community Supported Agriculture is a growing worldwide phenomenon that allows consumers a closer connection to the land and people who grow the food that they eat.

CSA systems provide mutual benefits for consumers and producers by developing a regional food system, a strong local economy and a sense of community. Unlike producers that sell into the corporate food system of supermarkets, CSAs encourage care of the land and acknowledge the experience of growers and producers on smaller farms.

Consumers who participate in the Mimsbrook CSA box scheme help farmers by financing farming operations through upfront payments for produce. This allows farmers to focus their efforts on the quality rather than quantity of food.

It also means that farmers of small operations can become viable in a system which favours corporatised and industrialised agriculture and all the negative effects that has on our food.

Why should you participate in our CSA box scheme?

  • You will be eating fresh organic and bio-dynamic food
  • You will save money - CSA boxes are great value
  • You'll know exactly where your food comes from
  • You can get to know the people who grow your food
  • Learn more about food production
  • By helping small farms become more viable you help stop the loss of food producing land to urban development and help with food system resilience
  • Buying direct from farmers reduces the amount of packaging required for your food
  • Buying food in season means reducing the environmental impact of the food you eat

The contents of the boxes are fresh seasonal produce that we choose for you from Mimsbrook Farm and from other certified organic producers.

While the mix of produce in a seasonal box will vary from week to week, you can expect that staple items such as potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes are always included, and every week you will receive local produce of the best available quality.

We are now offering subscribers even greater value with more variety in the food in your box and a box for every type of household.

Find out what types of boxes are available here.

Existing CSA members can renew their subscription here.

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