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Vegetable Orders

Use the order form below for your choice of organic vegetables to be collected at our Darling Downs farm in Perth on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Write the amount you want for each item in the boxes below and click the Add to Shopping Cart button.

A list of your organic vegetable orders will appear in a new Shopping Cart page which provides a summary of your order so far. The Shopping Cart page allows you to change the quantities or delete items from your order.

You can also click a button on the Shopping Cart page which returns you to this page so you can continue shopping for more biodynamic fruit, vegetables, meat and other groceries if you wish.

To order a fraction of a kilogram, type a fraction into the box. For example, 600 grams = .6; two and a half kilograms = 2.5; etc.

biodynamic vegetables in western australia

Certified biodynamic vegetable orders

Mimsbrook Biodynamic Food Store has temporarily ceased trading so do not order

Please place all internet orders by 8pm Tuesday.

Purchase and pick-up times are as follows:

  • On Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm at the Mimsbrook Farm Markets. For a selection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, all internet pre-orders should be submitted from this website by 8pm on Tuesdays.

For enquiries regarding grocery deliveries, please send us an email.

All Mimsbrook grown produce has an (M) next to it.


kg of beetroot (M) - $7.50 per kilogram

kg of broccoli - $12.35 per kilogram

green cabbage (min order half) - $6.20 each

kg of A Grade carrots - $6.50 per kilogram

cauliflowers - $5.50 each

half cauliflower - $2.75 each

100g of garlic - $5.50 per 100g

kg of ginger - $50.40 per kilogram

100g of herb posies including parsley (M) - $2.50 per 100g

100g of kale (M) - $2.20 per 100g

lettuces (M) - $2.50 each

kg of brown onions - $6.75 per kilogram

kg of different variety potatoes - $4.50 per kilogram

kg of Butternut pumpkin - $5.40 per kilogram

kg of Japanese pumpkin - $4.90 per kilogram

bunches of silverbeet (M) - $2.80 per bunch

kg of orange sweet potatoes - $8.50 per kilogram

kg of tomatoes - $7.90 per kilogram

zucchinis - $1.80 each

Mimsbrook Biodynamic Food Store has temporarily ceased trading so do not order

If you would like to volunteer to help us in on our CSA enterprise, please
send us an email.

We welcome volunteers with a range of skills to work in our office or farm.

For supplies of fresh biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetables, our farm is at:

65 Keenan Street
Darling Downs

(near Armadale... see map)

Western Australia 6122

Phone (61 8) 9497 1412
Fax (61 8) 9497 1582

Email Carmel Bainbridge

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